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The male reproductive system is a network of external and internal organs that function to produce, support, transport, and deliver viable sperm for reproduction.Sperm is produced in the testes and is transported through the epididymis.The length varies between 5.5 to 7 inches when it is erect and circumference of the organ is around 5 inches.In the human reproductive process, two kinds of sex cells, or gametes, are involved.Male reproductive organs that produce sperm and testosterone. Scrotum. Skin covered sac that surrounds the feet.This level gets affected due to various factors such as lethargic lifestyle, aging, etc., but this level can be.

The vital function of this system is production and development of the sperm or male reproductive cells.

Among the many changes that occur with growing age, low testosterone profile is one such transition that results in weaker manhood.Erectile tissue inside the penis allows the penis to increase in size and become rigid during sexual stimulation.

The male reproductive system is composed of organs that work together to produce sperm and deliver them to the female reproductive tract for fertilization of the ovum.

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Male gland that adds fluid to the sperm to nourish and protect it. Semen. Sperm and added fluids. Urethra. Tube that passes through the.

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The organ contains scrotum, testicles and the internal organs which are located outside the abdomen.

A green vegetable that is high in vitamin C, asparagus is also a good food to increase sperm volume.

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Compr Physiol 2011, Supplement 8: Handbook of Physiology, The Cardiovascular System, Peripheral Circulation and Organ Blood Flow: 271-283.The male reproductive system also produces sex hormones, which help a boy develop into a sexually mature man during puberty.ADDucation Human Organs Table Notes: Because all humans are different the weights of human organs in the table can only be used as a rough guide.Large percentage of males gains round about six inches of length and two or more inches of girth when their male organ is erect.

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The structures of the male reproductive system include the testes, the epididymides, the penis, and the ducts and glands that produce and carry semen.

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About 15% of males gain more than 7 inches and only 3% more than 8 inches of length.The female reproductive system is responsible for storage, nourishment, and maturation of female gametes called oocytes.The skin covering of the organ is very loose and it allows the organ to stretch.Drawing, top left, shows side view of abdomen of female without a male copulatory organ inserted, and at right, with inserted organ.Health problems that may affect your reproductive organs include epididymitis, or inflamed testicles, testicular cancer and infertility, which affects one in six couples, according to the.

This drives some to all manner of desperate attempts to make the male organ larger.It is one of the main herbs used in Ayurvedic rejuvenative formulas and is somewhat more specific to the male reproductive system than the female, but it is used by both sexes to increase stamina.This could be very important particularly if you are on your way to making a family of your own.

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In addition to its reproductive function, the penis also allows for the excretion of urine through the urethra to the exterior of the body.

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